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This is my series about my travels!! I take road trips all over the East Coast of the USA in search of Rail Trails or other good riding trails. Rail Trails are usually old Railroad Trails that have been converted to bicycle trails. They are usually level, decently wide, and offer some beautiful scenery!! They lend themselves well to do some FurWheeling!!

I travel in the Jumbo Jet Truck, with the WooFPAk and The WooFDriver Pit Crew!! The Pit Crew will assist me with the ADV (All Dog Vehicle’s – Dog Cart Bikes). The Pit Crew will usually ride on the trails with me in another ADV and/or ride in my ADV with the Dogs when I use one of my tandem (2 Person) ADVS. They will be filming, taking pictures, and helping me document these incredible journeys!! I will also usually have on board POV Cams (point of view cams), to give a Dog eye perspective!! I hope to share with everyone some incredible sights, sounds and great stories!!

I use Rail-Trail books and the internet to help me plan my journeys. If you have any suggestions please email me. Trails that are ideal for me are at least 8 miles or longer round trip. I want to give the Dogs a decent run for traveling fairly far. I might be able to travel further south because I can a cabin we cabin in Virginia as a pit stop if necessary. I will post information and links if available, to the trails I run to hopefully offer some suggestive trails to everyone. You can read more about some of these journeys on my Blog at the WooFDriver Project Website by clicking this link.

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