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Biking With A Dog

This is an excellent “FurWheeling” activity to start with and can quickly become your choice activity. It is easy setup and training, as well as very interactive with the dogs. This is often referred to as “Bikejoring”. My style of Biking with the Dog(s) is different thank traditional Bikejoring in the way that I put the dogs on the side. I tether them to the Bicycle with an apparatus called a Springer. There are a few devices similar to the Springer available, but I have had the most success with the Springer. It is very strong and yet comfortable for the dog since it has a heavy spring and will absorb unwanted lunges and wrong direction pulls (like a squirrel crossing in front of you). I like the Dogs at my side instead of out in front because I have much better control and I can share the path or road with cars and/or pedestrians and other riders. Bikejoring where the dogs are in front are tethered to a long rope or gang line and if they want to stray in any direction you have little control. I like to use bicycling with the dogs on the side as a running activity for the dogs , if I want them to exercise them with a more pulling activity I use the Dog Cart. Again biking with your dog is very easy to get started with and almost all dogs can participate. More info by clicking here to my WooFDriver Website.

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