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Imagine wide open spaces where you can let your Dog off leash to run and fun until their hearts content. Almost anywhere you read or anyone you talk to will say NEVER let a Husky off leash! And then there is the WooFDriver! Free Ranging to me, and almost all Dogs, is the greatest gift and opportunity you could ever give them. It is what their ancestors have done for many years. No leashes or boundaries just their instinct and their Pack Mates to guide and dictate where and how they go. This is the main key of how to let your Dog be Free WITH PROPER TRAINING!

These videos will feature us adventuring and roaming large areas usually with an Electric ATV but also sometimes with an Electric Motorcycle, Electric Scooter amongst other vehicles as well. I use these vehicles to be able to go faster than the Dogs to be able to guide them and encourage sprinting and more intense physical engagement. These vehicles also allow me to access more areas the Dogs would most like to adventure to such as through streams, mud,  and narrow areas in the woods or through the fields. Most of my Free Ranging vehicles are electric so I can communicate easier with the WooFPAK as electric motors are much quieter as well as to not disturb the wildlife you may get glimpses of in some of these videos! Mechanically the electric motors  tend to have better acceleration again to keep up with the Dogs encouraging them to be able to engage more. You can find out more about the vehicles I use by clicking this link here. My videos below are divided into playlists according to the type of vehicle I am using to Free Range the Dogs including just walking them Free Range style. The last set of movies is about what I call WooFTailing where I get the Dogs to sprint and chase me as I explained above. So much FUN, you may get your heart racing when you see the Pups RUN off the charts in this playlist!

Free-Ranging Movies