woof axx

The WOOF AXX is possibly the coolest Guitar ever made!! That is for sure if you are a Dog or Wolf Lover!! You see the Woof AXX  represents in appearance a Dog or Wolf obviously with Blue Eyes that light up (according to the player’s settings) to the depth of the strum.  The ears are hollow and so is the body which combines to give some incredible tones and sounds. This WOOF AXX can actually be an “Acoustic” or “Electric” Guitar. Think of it as a Hybrid!! Not a Wolf Dog Hybrid but an Acoustic/Electric Hybrid!! In this section you will see some talented Musicians JAMMING Out on the WOOF AXX! !The Woof AXX main purpose is actually to raise awareness and spread the joy of Dogs and their companionship with humans. The Woof AXX is the main part of our program called “Play For A Dog”!! This is a Dog-Powered Fundraising Program that is designed to raise money for Dog Shelters all over The USA!! Working with sponsors I hope to be able to raise money when the Woof AXX is played by musicians everywhere. You can find out more about the WOOF AXX by clicking here.