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In my other Movies I show you how we “WooFDrive” many areas including various terrains and conditions. Here is a series (WooFDriving Country Roads) I’ve created all about running on quiet roads. I did this originally in my neighborhood to train my Dogs and also as an easy go to spot for a quick run when we were limited on time and/or we just couldn’t make it to a trail. This has evolved as an interesting alternative to the trails by finding quiet “Country Roads” where I consider it safe from traffic to run the Dogs. This provides a different view and adds some more varied excitement to our adventures. Some people ask about the ‘hard surface”of the road (some of these roads are actually similar terrain as the trails we normally run including dirt and stone) for the Dogs and I have no objections to this with the proper considerations and equipment. This sometimes include proper Paw Pad protection such as Dog booties or”Musher’s Secret” a wax coating for the Paw Pads. In fact I prefer a “hard surface” for training as the Dog Cart rolls easier for the Dogs to get used to running in front or on the side of it as they learn to pull. Additionally “hard surface” running can be an excellent way to condition the Paw Pads for building callus and maintaining proper nail (claw) length. I don’t make “hard surface” running a steady diet for us but in moderation it can be a very important part of our training and running adventures.

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