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The Jumbo Jet Truck (WOOF-Liner) came about as a solution for my need to transport both the WooFPAK and an ever-growing quantity of equipment. Although an adequate and safe method of animal transport is to use kennels or crates, I prefer to let my canine crew ride as regular passengers in my vehicles whenever possible. Safety is my number one concern, of course, but that does not preclude making the Dogs comfortable during long journeys. To ensure the WooFPAK’s safety and comfort, I take into account each Dog’s unique personality and needs. One might be nervous or over-anxious, while another might not get along with certain other members of the pack in tight spaces such as in the truck seats. I know who rides best with who, and where they should be placed. To read the whole story and see all the pictures of this true feat of technological and mechanical proportions please click here, you will be amazed! The movies below feature some of the many custom features we did to the truck and how we use them as well as a WooFDriver On Tour movie that shows the WooFLiner on the road (or off-roading) as we also talk some about it. Finally the last 2 movies on this page show how the Dogs load up in the Truck as well as a beautiful ride in the Maryland Country side featuring a parodied song I wrote about this Jumbo Jet WOOFLiner!!

WooFLiner Movies